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Where we are at musically

Just a quick update on where the band is: It's been a really long time since we started back in college. We have changed and learned a lot and had a lot of time to reflect on our choices over the years. I am glad for the time we spent focusing on music, developing our craft and making some great stuff. Covid changed a lot of things, and after that happened I decided to leave California. We still have some tracks from the Charlie D'Agostino sessions we were thinking about finishing mixing, and I want to put out the raw mix of that album on itunes - which you can find on this site if you look. I have throught about starting new iterations of the band in Texas where I now live, and writing new music. After the many years though, my ambitions have shifted from working on music as much as possible no matter what the cost, to finding a way to make money. I have been working on developing a career in cybersecurity and went back to school. I am now looking for work in the field, and once I get into a routine, I would like to write and release at least one more album as A Bear With A Car On Top. So until then, please enjoy the music we have done so far and connect with us through this site, on instagram, or send us an email. The best thing you could do for us is share our music! Thanks


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