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Born in pasadena California.  Lived for a few years while young in Kirkland Washington then moved to Moraga California.  After graduating high school went to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  Worked for several studios in the Animation and Visual Effects industries.  Currently does IT and is learning to tattoo.

Please download and share "AMIGA" by A BEAR WITH A CAR ON TOP

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Playing "Amiga" with A Bear With A Car On Top at the Recordium in Los Angeles 2017

Brian Whipp Pasadena California

Brian Whipp Glendora California

Brian Whipp Kirkland Washington

Brian Whipp Seattle Washington

Brian Whipp Highland Christian Preschool

Brian Whipp Mark Twain Elementary

Brian Whipp Benjamin Franklin Elementary

Brian Whipp Moraga California

Brian Whipp Rheem Elementary

Brian Whipp Joaquin Moraga Middle School

Brian Whipp Campolindo High School

Brian Whipp Loyola Marymount University

Brian Whipp A Bear With A Car On Top

Brian Whipp Cali Kush

Brian Whipp Tattoos

Brian Whipp Stereo D

Brian Whipp Image Metrics

Brian Image Metrics

Brian Stereo D

Brian Loyola Marymount University

Brian Playastream

Brian Mao's Kitchen

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