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The Reef and Charlie D'Agostino

After doing a few gigs with Jeff, he introduced us to his friend Charlie D'Agostino, who was a general contractor, band manager, and record producer who had an amazing studio called "The Reef" in Torrance Ca. The Reef had a large recording studio as well as a big jam room and would be a place for musicians to network and lots of parties. After playing a few shows at the Reef, Charlie approached us about doing another album. We began rehearsing there regularly and came up with the rest of the songs for "Evolution of the Bear:" "September Jam," "Realize," "Surf Zombies," "Aliyah," and "30 ft swells." I moved into the Reef and did live sound for bands as we began the recording process. I wrote "Halfway," in the middle of recording that record. The recording process went really well, but we lost our main recording engineer right after the recording was complete, and the album has yet to see its final mix and mastering.

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