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In the beginning

A Bear With A Car On Top came from a strong desire to play California reggae music at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Ca with Brian Whipp, Alex Luhrman, and Brenden Freeh in 2004. Jamming in practice rooms and apartments on campus, we developed our sound and began to play small gigs around campus. We would jam for hours on the baseline that eventually became the song "Far Love." At first it was barely a band, we would play shows with just guitar and bass, or just jam for hours as Brenden honed in his reggae beat. Eventually Brenden and Alex left LMU (or got expelled) for numerous dorm room infractions including having marijuana stems in their rooms and blowing up the community microwave by putting a toy car in it. For a while after that there was no band, but the reggae seed had been planted.

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