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Charlie D'Agostino


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Our good friend Charlie D’Agostino passed away last weekend, 1/22/2017.

He was a band manager, record producer, dj/podcaster, recording studio, and general contractor.

In 2010 he owned a recording studio called the Reef in Torrance, Ca. and would throw shows and parties there.

He liked our music and let us rehearse there whenever we wanted.  We recorded our second album, Evolution of the Bear at the reef, and Charlie was a huge part of the band.  He had a huge heart, tons of friends, and was the best to party with.

He will be missed by many many people.


Charlie produced great music, perhaps most notably with “the rainmaker” Majek Fashek.  Majek was signed to Interscope and Tuff Gong Records and then made the album “Little Patience” with Charlie. As a tribute I will be sharing some of his recordings.

Here is “Sorry Charlie” which was originally written in 2006 by me and Vlad (click HERE if you want a brief history of the band).  Charlie produced this version of “Sorry Charlie” with myself (Brian Whipp), Brenden Freeh, and Jeff Laos, Josh Augziger as the engineer/producer and Charlie also put together the horn section for the song.


One time after playing this song at the Reef for some people, Charlie remarked “I’m not sorry!"

We did podcast episodes with live performances at The Reef with Julian Marley, Hunter Green, Ryan Basillio and the Roosters, Stinky Pinky, Groove Session and more.


I'll also be sharing some of Charlie’s other projects which include music from Pato Banton, Hale Maskel and Remi Kabaka.

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