Judge George Lessen supports the harassment of tenants at 57 Linden Ave, Long Beach Ca, 90802 and 65 Linden Ave, Long Beach Ca, 90802 owned by Robert Wood.


If you are considering renting in these buildings ask if Henry is still the building manager and if he is, consider the fact that he will harass you and if he decides he doesn’t like you he will schedule you for repeated roach sprayings every two weeks.  The landlord will not return your calls or negotiate at all, he does not want to know or be bothered.  The court system will not help you.  Do not rent here.


More details to be published soon.

This is what you will have to deal with:  Listen to the following audio recording of the building manager freaking out:

Henry the building manager Freaking Out65 Linden ave long beach ca 90802
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